Land Branch

“No man acquires property without acquiring with it a little arithmetic also”.

Land Branch is responsible for managing land matters like classification, allocation, segregation, leasing, town planning and implementation of Land Rules. Following matters fall in the responsibilities of this branch.

Classification of Land in the categories (Class A/B/C), defined by the Cantonment Act and or as explained by multiple S.R.Os / Declarations issued thereof Lease of Land under its own control / management.

  • Preparation / Implementation of Building Byelaws.
  • Approval of Building Plans, extension in time limit of Building Plans or any alteration in the existing Building Plans (Under the Dept. Rules / Building Byelaws).
  • Reporting and removal of building encroachments like illegal projections, illegal stair / staircases, illegal ramps falling outside the approved building site.
  • Finding / eliminating illegal buildings / constructions.
  • Demolition of illegal / dangerous constructions / buildings.
  • Keeping a check on maintenance / repair work in existing buildings.
  • Transfer / Mutation of immovable properties.
  • Calculation and recovery of TIP tax.
  • Revision of rates for the cost of land and cost of construction as per policy.
  • Better and up-to-date area / town planning.


Land Branch becomes active when there is land leasing, land transfer, construction, and alteration in already built structure, noticing violations, making sure the proper usage of land. Cantonment Board Abbottabad land branch actually keep records of the following activities:

  • Construction / Alteration / Reconstruction Building Plan
  • Extension in Building Completion Plan
  • Verification of Construction
  • Unauthorized Construction
  • Repair Work in existing Building
  • Improper Ramp
  • Transfer of Immovable Property Tax
  • Property Mutation
  • Construction Rules Implementation
  • Rent Per Annum